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Putrajeeva Mala/Rosary: 


This mala/rosary is also known by the name Putra Prapti Mala. The beads of this Putrajeeva Mala are yellowish seeds of Putrajeeva tree procured mostly from central India. Fruit seeds of Putrajeeva tree are knotted in a thread, forming this rosary. It contains 108+1 beads in rosary. This rosary is bit long and bulky because of the natural seeds. This rosary/mala has found various purposes in religious/spiritual context but among them mostly it is used in pretext to get blessed with progeny. Putrajeeva is also called as Garbhkar, Garbhbhad, Putrajivak in different parts of the country.

This Rosary/Mala is believed to bear power to bless the wearer or user with son and also the problems or troubles if one is getting in begetting the same is mitigated and success is achieved hence is used as one of the remedy to get blessed with son.

It also has various medicinal uses specifically related women fertility and organs related to child birth.

Various mantras of Jupiter, Sun, Krishna, Santaan Gopal etc. are recited with the help of this mala/rosary which are related to progeny matters also it is used as protection against miscarriages, abortions, sterility, infertility in women etc. This mala/rosary is used to improve Jupiter a primary karaka for progeny in astrology.

This mala not only helpful for women but also for male who are facing any sort of a trouble in their part such as any issues related to male reproductive organs, sperm, fluid etc.


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  • Color: Yellowish
  • No. of Beads: 108+1
  • Diameter of Bead: 7-8 mm
  • Weight: 40-50 gms

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    delivered on time, quality as expected 5 out of 5 for Jupiter Speaks team.

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